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One of the most powerful emotions on the wedding day is the moment that the first glance is exchanged as the couple walks down the aisle in an ivory gown to meet the bride's future husband.

This very emotional moment is followed by another moment of emotional remembrance that confirms the union of the spouses that is the exchange of wedding rings. The exchange of wedding rings is a solemn gesture that brings a lot of emotion to the spouses and the guests. It is the moment when a pledge is made of love for eternity.

The ring, which is derived from the Latin anulus, which is a Latin word meaning circle It is circular in form and has no beginning nor end. It symbolizes the circle of life and eternity.

It's not a coincidence that the symbol represents the unbreakable love which binds couples.

The word "faith", from the Latin fides, translates to fidelity. But Fides was also the name of the Roman goddess of loyalty. The meaning of the name, which was first discovered and was ancient, was a reference to the loyalty of the Roman citizen to his home.

The history of wedding rings as objects is tied to the general concept of using rings as a symbol of something important.

The ancient Egyptians soldered hieroglyphs and scarabs to rings. The Greeks were the first to wear rings with engravings or cameos. The ancient Romans regulated the use of these jewelry. The rings of free citizens had to be made of gold; the ones of servants who were freed had to be made of silver and slaves of iron. Christians soon adopted the custom of wearing jewels, and later in the Middle Ages, the custom of presenting rings to bishops or kings during their coronation and consecration was introduced.

According to tradition, pontiffs continue to receive the so-called "piscatory ring" that depicts the boat of St. Peter surrounded by the name of the Pope.

The acclaim for this kind of ornament reached its peak in the 16th century, a period in which people loved to wear a ring or two on each finger, with a seal or more often decorated with stones.

The use of rings during wedding ceremonies and engagement vows is also a long tradition. In the early days of barbarians, couples exchanged rings as a symbol of their commitment and to signify their promise to be together. In the Middle Ages women would braid hairs from their own head and that of the man they were to marry around the ring and wear it for nine days in a chest-high position, before exchanging it to show affection and devotion. The wedding ring has the appearance and meaning we are familiar with since the 16th century. It was during this period in fact that the custom of both genders, of keeping the wedding ring on the fingers even after the wedding ceremony was established, wedding rings are forged in gold, representing eternity for the Catholic religion, and inside the ring, we see the first engravings, which include the names of the couple and the wedding date.

The gold ring is a symbol of a perfect, lasting union.

In addition, with regards to the the finger on which to wear the ring, we must be able to trace the origins of an Egyptian belief that claims that an artery is small and passes through the ring finger up the arm until it reaches straight to the heart. In Christian culture, however, the left finger was the ring finger that the priest reached after touching the first three fingers to invoke the Father The Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

In fact, the wedding ring is put on the left hand for practical reasons. It is the weakest finger on the hand and hence the least used.

There is also an old Chinese belief that says that each finger of the hand is associated with a loved ones The little finger is the children; the middle finger represents ourselves; the thumb the parents the index finger is for siblings and brothers and the ring finger is the partner.

As diverse as their roots and their ancestors, so too are their styles. From the classic Mantua to the more modern Sardinian and the less slender French There are a myriad of different wedding bands that couples can pick from.

Les Creations offers custom-made wedding rings that are designed according to the preferences and demands of the couple. They will enjoy the uniqueness of a ring and distinctive to seal a special union.

The wedding rings are a symbol of joy. It is a symbol that proclaims to everyone that one wishes to spend the rest of their life with the person they love. This significance makes the rings the most valuable that a woman or a man can wear regardless of shape, color, or the presence or lack of stones.

And you? Have you already chosen the rings to which you'll swear fidelity for eternity?

We await you in the Les Creations boutique in Rome located in Via Crescenzio 43, which is in the middle of Rome.

You can also visit our online store We hope that you will find the wedding rings that best reflect you and your bond. We'll help you achieve your goals, whether they are personalized rings, custom-designed rings, or special requests.


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