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Hayfa Janjua
May 20, 2022
In Saturday School
Good Morning/Afternoon Everyone, My name is Hayfa Noor Janjua and I'm going to be talking about the topic 'Inequality' and what it means to me. Inequality means when you feel judged for not being a certain way in someone else's opinion. There are many 'Inequalities' such as Wealth, Gender, Personality, Looks, Beliefs, Appearance, and Homelessness. Defining "Inequalities": Inequality means something negative in my opinion that some people have been treated unfairly. Wealth means an abundance of valuable possessions or money or how rich you are. Personality means the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character. Appearance means the way that someone or something looks. Homelessness means the state of having no home. What "Inequality" means to me: Inequality means to me that there are many different people like some are shorter and some are taller, for example, they both want to drive and the driving instructor says that only the taller one can drive because the person has the right height to drive and they leave the shorter one out because of their height. Inequality exists in our society, but if we can understand that these differences don't matter, we treat everyone the same. Thank you for listening to my speech and I hope you enjoyed it ♥