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The trial starts with the help of an enthusiastic team, they run a project to steer the lives of the children and young people affected by extreme poverty, abuse, and crime toward a better future. They use food, music, art, and sports to gather hundreds of children in the area.

Education for heroism is officially born.

The police reported an 89% decline in the number of children and young people who were being arrested, from 45 arrests initially to 5.

​This inspires Vijith and the team to expand this trial to other schools and settings in different geographical and socio-economic contexts.


A police station in Delhi is surrounded by slums and is struggling with the problem of juvenile delinquency. They are having to arrest nearly 45 children daily who are involved in theft, violence, gangs, and drugs. 

Two young boys, Vijith Vijay, and Rahul Sethi, approach the police and ask permission to run a trial to mitigate the problem


Vijith moves to the UK and extends the program to local primary schools.

He meets Derrick who had been recently assaulted by a gang of young teenagers and sustained a serious brain injury.  They both decided to respond to the growing knife crime and gang violence in Newham by organizing a massive event at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park inviting a thousand families to voice their concern and start reform at their local primary school.


“Vijith introduced the idea of a values-based framework in 2017 from his work in India with children from various backgrounds. We implemented a similar strategy in our school and found that it had a drastic impact on the way children made decisions.

In 2018, we made the values framework a School Plan Priority and blended it into our curriculum so that it would underpin everything Central Park Primary School did. As a result, Honesty, Kindness, and Respect have become an integral part of Central Park’s ethos, teaching, and vision.”
Darren Williams
Executive Head, Central Park Primary School
CPD Schools Federation London 


Being The Cure is registered as a charity for England and Wales amidst the global pandemic in 2020. 

The following year the first Saturday School opens in Newham offering free-of-cost character education to all families outside of school hours.

In 2022, the Heroism Framework is launched which helps schools to support children and young people in unleashing the power of their moral compass.


After a decade of starting the journey, Being The Cure develops a tool that can measure the impact of character education work and predict the propensity of children and young people to offend and re-offend.

The Heroic Quotient (HQ) tool is born.

Being The Cure continues to inspire children and young people through their education for heroism framework and aims to reach out to communities across London.




Developing the next generation of society's heroes through our evidence-informed character education that instils honesty, kindness, and humility in every child.

Being The Cure is a grassroots charity based in Newham, London. We have successfully run our Saturday School for Heroism in Newham for the past 2 years. Our team comprises mostly volunteers from different backgrounds and walks of life, who are trained and qualified to work with children and young people.

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